Filmography Dirk Lienig

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in Hoyerswerda/Germany
Studied at the State Ballet School Leipzig
Engaged as Soloist Dancer at the State Theatre Schwerin
till current Freelancer in Berlin as Film/Theatre Director and Dance
Born 1970
1988 — 1992
1992 — 2000
Film productions · Screen Writer · Director
Oleg 12:30 min.
In 1996, at the mature age of 38, Oleg ends his 30year classical ballet dance career. In November 2000, this once passionate Romeo loses his beloved daughter, his dreams and control over his finely trained body.

es automotive fine arts
FIPA 2002 Festival de Programmes Audiovisuelles/Biarritz
Film Arts Festival Schwerin 2001
"Darf ich bitten"/Film Festival Cologne 2006

making space for peace 2 min.
cinema trailer for PBI (peace brigades international) Germany

Der getarnte Krieg (The camouflaged War) 30 min.
The film accompanies the peace activist Juano Arrieta during a safe-guard patrol in the Columbian jungle. Between the fighting fronts of the Guerrilla Left Wing and the Columbian Military, intimate moments in the daily lives of the victims of an undeclared war are captured.

es automotive fine arts
ZDF Documentary Channel 2005
Film Script Workshop Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Hoyerswerda zwischen Schwarze Elster & Schwarze Pumpe 20 min.
Documenting the journey of former socialist city Hoyerswerda, once famous for being a model town, now famous for being a ''shrinking city''. The documentary follows its deconstructions and reconstructions.

art project Superumbau
Sponsored by the German National Arts Committee

Various contributions to the "cultural magazines" (short documentaries) on both German and French TV channels "aspekte" ZDF and "Metropolis" arte

Beatbox Colombia 60 min.
They call themselves 'Ghettos Clan', 'Topomental' and 'Operando'. Their passion is rap music. They write and compose songs about the life and death that surrounds them. Their homes are the ghettos of Bogotá and Cali. Two of the largest cities in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, Columbia.

Filmfest München 2006
doku-arts Berlin2006
Latin American Film Festival Sydney 2007
Womex music Film Festival Sevilla 2007
globale Berlin 2006
arte "Metroplolis" 2006

alle anders — alle gleich 70 min.
Hoyerswerda — Synonym for racism, a shrinking city and the end of a socialist dream. How is it to live in a town that once carried prestige for being a model town? Galina from the Ukraine, Suleyman, Sinan, Suzan from Iraq and Juthamas from Thailand show us through Hoyerswerda with a camera, all the while they ask themselves: "Can I ever be happy here? Sponsored by the German National Arts Committee Sachsen

Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda
Filmtage Hof 2008
Deutsch-Türkisches Filmfestival Nürnberg 2009

far away — so close
Short film series about German immigrants in down under.

Goethe Institute Australia.
ZDF "aspekte" 2009

The Sydney Convicts 45 min.
This is a story of men chasing their dreams, men not afraid to do things their way, men refusing to be stereotyped by their sexuality.Sweat, wounds, pubs and glitter are all part of the story of the Sydney Convicts.






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